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Exponent CMS Webinar with LOTS of YUI

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  • illiphilli
    Hey all, I m the front-end guy for Online Innovative Creations (OIC Group), and we re the guys who created Exponent CMS (exponentcms.org). We ve bean very busy
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2009
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      Hey all,

      I'm the front-end guy for Online Innovative Creations (OIC Group), and we're the guys who created Exponent CMS (exponentcms.org). We've bean very busy over the last year re-writing our core code to follow an MVC style architectural pattern. The result is what we'll be releasing in July as our Exponent 2.0 codeline.

      I'm posting here for 2 reasons:

      1) Our new version of Exponent makes very heavy use of both YUI 2.x and 3.x codelines. Just about every administrative interface component within Exponent is YUI based, more and more becoming a good mashup of both YUI codelines. I've used YUI 3 where I can, and dropping down to YUI 2 when I have a widget I need. I've very much catered my developments within Exponent for the rapid use of YUI, making is fast and fun for YUI users to get developing within a CMS environment quickly.

      2) We're hosting a webinar tomorrow night (April 29th at 6:00pm cst) to highlight the MANY new features in the New Exponent. More information about the webinar can be found in the 2 most recent news posts on the homepage of http://www.exponentcms.org

      YUI has proven to be a fantastic tool most definitely covering the scope my development needs for Exponent, and for that I very much send my thanks and appreciation to both the YUI Developers and YUI Community, as both have been a valuable asset.

      Online Innovative Creations
      Exponent CMS
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