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Re: Advanced Sorting in DataTable

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  • Timothy Jowers
    ... Does the datatable support nested/child row?. What I m really looking for is more likely to be called secondary rows or wrapped rows . The basic idea is
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 26, 2009
      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Satyam <satyam@...> wrote:
      > Something like this:
      > http://www.satyam.com.ar/yui/#grouping
      > Satyam
      > Annie Lausier wrote:

      > >
      > > Would really love to see nested/child rows at some point in DataTable!
      > >
      > > -Annie
      > >

      Does the datatable support nested/child row?. What I'm really looking
      for is more likely to be called "secondary rows" or "wrapped rows".
      The basic idea is the column headers wrap and the rows wrap. For
      example when a table has 15 columns. A common technique is to make the
      column headers on the second line be in a smaller font. In this way,
      twice the columns can be supported and seen onscreen at once.
      Obviously, we can custom format the data and have it display in this
      way but then the sorting on column headers will not work. Here is one
      approach using a "subgrid" but it fails to do what is needed as
      sorting does not work on the second row of columns:
      We really like the YUI datatable and want to migrate to it from our
      custom HTML/JSP stuff.

      Basically, should be able to tell the datatable how many columns to
      have on the top row (or something like that). Additional columns wrap:
      list across below these top columns. Additional data on each row wraps
      (becomes a new row). A font style for the second row can be
      used/specified. In this way, secondary rows would be supported. The
      user can sort by clicking on any column header; either one on the top
      row or one on a subsequent row.
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