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Re: [ydn-javascript] Cleaning up Menu, MenuItems, and events for those YUI components

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  • Todd Kloots
    Miguel - Calling a Menu instance s destroy method will properly clean up the Menu. - Todd
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9, 2008
      Miguel - 

      Calling a Menu instance's "destroy" method will properly clean up the Menu.

      - Todd

      On Oct 30, 2008, at 12:01 PM, miguel wrote:

      I'm putting together an application where I will be creating and
      destroying many menu components, depending on where the user clicks on
      the page. All of this will be happening without the browser having to

      How can I ensure that all of the components that create and the event
      listeners are destroyed properly?

      The problem that I am having at the moment, is that the menu and menu
      items only respond to events the first time that they are loaded. I am
      thinking that this is due to all of the events that I keep registering
      for my components.

      Any help is appreciated.


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