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Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: uploader 2.6.0 examples not showing button skin in Firefox

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  • Michael Hasenstein
    I also got the error message (within Flash) and it is IOErrorEvent code 2036 Load Never Completed. . Whatever that means. By the way, the way logging works
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 9, 2008
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      I also got the error message (within Flash) and it is IOErrorEvent code 2036 "Load Never Completed.". Whatever that means.

      By the way, the way logging works right now is broken: I had to set the private allowLog=true in order to get all log messages. Setting it after initialization with the external method sets it at a point when some log messages have already passed - without leaving an external trace because of the default of "false". So maybe it should be a parameter for the constructor of Uploader.

      One more thing:
      This next one seems to happen because I used Flash CS3 and not the Flex compiler to
      create the swf - I set stage size to 1x1 pixels in the .fla file. I don't have this issue with the Yahoo version of the swf. This shows compiling the code in Flash CS3 is not equivalent to the Flex compiler. Well, doesn't matter for this experiment...
      In FF on Linux I cannot click the area (the skin is not there but that doesn't matter since I know where it is). The surrounding DIV has 100x50px size, the <embed> has 100%/100% width/height. Firebug shows it at that size with "Inspect". However, only when I specify a size for the embed itself in pixels can I use left and right mouse button over the area (for "add file" and Flash context menu), so it seems Flash itself doesn't use the whole container area it has on the page? The cursor also doesn't change when it hovers over the area. It almost seems like the browser reserved the area for the Flash plugin (the cursor also doesn't change back to a normal cursor when I come from below where there's a button), but Flash doesn't expand the stage?
      I also logged the satge.width and stage.height, and I get 100/4. As I said, the surrounding DIV has 100/40.

      I wrote:
      Linux, my own example - with an uploader.swf that now has a log-call
      in *every* relevant function:

      Logging has been turned on.
      The file list has been cleared.
      Multiple file upload has been turned on.
      error loading skin (my message)
      renderAsTransparent (my message)

      As you can see, it tried loading the skin. So far so obviously my
      error (wrong skin URL)? Not so! In Firebug (as well as in Apache's
      logfile) I can watch the correct skin being loaded!

      Does that help?
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