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Update: YUI Doc, YUILibrary.com, GitHub, forums, YUI development

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  • Eric Miraglia
    Some updates from the YUI team: YUI Doc: We just released the YUI API documentation engine, YUI Doc, written by longtime YUI engineer Adam Moore. This is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008
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      Some updates from the YUI team:

      1. YUI Doc: We just released the YUI API documentation engine, YUI Doc, written by longtime YUI engineer Adam Moore.  This is the tool we use to generate YUI's API docs.  Congratulations to Adam on this release, which goes out officially as 1.0.0 beta 1. 
      2. YUILibrary.com: The YUI Doc downloadforum and bug tracker are found on a new site, YUILibrary.com.  Ultimately, we will be coalescing around this site as the primary location for YUI information; however, we're early in that process, and our current website is still the best place to start when you're working with YUI.
      3. GitHub: We're taking a number of steps to make it easier for you to contribute to the YUI project.  As part of this, we've moved to Git for source control, and we'll be hosting YUI code repositories on GitHub.  YUIDoc is the first of these to appear; you'll see placeholders for other YUI projects (YUI 2.x, YUI 3.x, YUI Compressor, and so on) in our GitHub portfolio. We'll let you know here as we move code into place for your consumption on GitHub.
      4. Forums: Dav Glass has been doing the bulk of the work on YUILibrary.com and on our GitHub deployment.  Dav has YUILibrary.com in preparation for a move from this forum -- a single aggregrate email list for all of YUI -- to granular forums focused more narrowly on YUI components.  Our YUI Doc forum is launching using this system, and you may notice that there are areas there for discussing other parts of YUI.  We consider this a soft launch, and we're not yet promoting a wholesale move from YDN-JavaScript, but please feel free to use the new system if you'd like to try it out and provide feedback.  All of YUILibrary.com supports OpenID.
      5. YUI Development: This week we're putting the final touches on a second preview release for YUI 3.x, and you can expect to see that very soon.  We're excited about how that project is coming together, and we think you'll like what you see.  On the YUI 2.x front, the next major release will be YUI 2.7.0 which is planned for Q1 of next year with a focus on IE8 compatibility and bug fixes.

      That's a quick snapshot of what the team here is focused on as we move through the end of Q4.  It's worth reiterating here that there are three main objectives around which we're focusing our energy:

      1. Improving the Community Platform: YUILibrary.com and our GitHub repositories are the first visible manifestations of that effort.  As we migrate all of the pieces of YUI to Git and make them available for you to explore and remix via GitHub, it will become much easier for you to contribute to the project -- which in turn will improve YUI for all of its stakeholders.
      2. YUI 2.x stability and maturity: YUI 2.x is the codeline that we all depend on every day, and we continue to invest energy in making sure that it's as complete and stable as possible.
      3. YUI 3.x design, implementation, and completion: YUI 3.x is an important next step for the project, and getting to GA with the core library is an important area of focus.

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