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Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: yui spreadsheet functionality?

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  • Kelvin
    thank you all who replied. i appreciate your input and will see how this will fit into my strategy for web dev. lots to learn!! thanks, Kelvin
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 30, 2008
      thank you all who replied.  i appreciate your input and will see how this will fit into my strategy for web dev.

      lots to learn!!


      On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 12:14 AM, bretlevy <bret@...> wrote:

      In my web-apps, I allow XLS data (Excel 2003 file version) files to
      be uploaded and I parse the data out of the file directly and then
      present it in a large array of <input type=text> elements that are
      all uniformly sized and inside a div with scrolling. The result is a
      spreadsheet-like data set and UI. You can then edit, validate, and
      otherwise manipulate in the UI and then "updload" as raw data like
      anything else. This has seemed to be the most useful approach to me.

      However, there was one occassion where a cut-and-paste functionality
      was needed (a long time ago), and I "solved" that problem by creating
      a textarea that you pasted in, and when the data was pasted
      (onchange), it sent it to the server immediately, and replaced the
      textarea with the aforementioned "grid". You could parse the data at
      the client too (pasted Excel data is just tab/nl-delimited text).

      The server-side code that parses the Excel file is just a small PHP
      class (actually two). I think I found the code somewhere and then
      cleaned it up. I will make it available to anyone that wants it.
      (bret at levycodev dot com)


      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Kelvin <kelvin.internet@...>
      > Hi gang,
      > I'm new to YUI and was wondering off hand if anyone knows whether
      YUI can
      > handle spreadsheet type functionality of data.
      > More specifically, I'm looking to have an interface where the user
      > manipulate blocks of cells of data (highlight, copy, cut, paste,
      > here is a scenario of what i have in mind that I hope to implement
      as a "new
      > way" to input data into a web page/app:
      > user opens up their excel spreadsheet w/their data they want to
      > user copies block of data from spreadsheet...
      > user goes to my datatable and PASTES the data into the datatable as
      a way to
      > INPUT data into my webapp...
      > user saves the datatable (aka: webapp's spreadsheet)... effectively
      > inputting their data into the webapp..
      > I would LOVE to have google functionality in my webapp, but if i
      can keep
      > everything homogenous without bending backwards to include this
      > functionality, i'd prefer to do that. who knows...perhaps this
      > functionality is something i'll need to utilize from google's
      > api?
      > anyway...thank you in advance for your feedback/help!
      > hope all is having a great thanksgiving break!
      > -Kelvin

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