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Re: simple slider...redux

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  • Lucas Smith
    ... perhaps 10 ... increments. The ... number, the ... the slider ... getting this ... Ross, Nothing like this is currently baked into any JavaScript slider
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2008
      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Ross M. Greenberg"
      <greenber@...> wrote:
      > Ross,
      > What sort of API do you expect this drop in Slider to have?
      > Are you using it to represent a value range or set of options in a
      > form field? If so, do you expect the Slider to replace the form field?
      > Please provide some context and maybe we can help you out.
      > Luke
      > =========
      > Thanks for responding, Luke!
      > The slider I am looking for would be used instead of a group of
      perhaps 10
      > radio buttons, allowing a selection from say 10%-100% in 10
      increments. The
      > "interface" would have hidden fields to show the beginning of
      number, the
      > ending number, the increment, and perhaps the placement of the submit
      > button. When the submit button is clicked the current setting of
      the slider
      > would be returned in some variable, also hidden. I'm used to
      getting this
      > kind of functionality from Dreamweaver "behaviors"
      > Any such thing exist?
      > Thanks!
      > Ross


      Nothing like this is currently baked into any JavaScript slider
      implementation that I'm aware of. It is certainly possible to create
      this interaction, but the details and requirements of your use case
      are far from simple. There would absolutely be coding involved.

      Some libraries support replacing input elements with a Slider UI and
      wiring some automatic value setting, but version 2.6 of YUI Slider
      does not (again, it is possible to add this behavior via code,
      however). Much of what you're asking for is in the works for version
      3.0 and possibly a backport to the 2.x code line of YUI.

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