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Announcing YUI 2.6.0

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  • georgiann puckett
    The YUI team is pleased to announce that YUI 2.6.0 is now available for download
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
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      The YUI team is pleased to announce that YUI 2.6.0 is now available for download.

      There a great many changes included in this release.

      The YUI library has grown to include two new components.
          • Carousel
          • Paginator (functionality previously released in DataTable but spun out for standalone use)

      Several components have also graduated from Beta to GA status.
          • Cookie
          • DataTable
          • DataSource
          • Layout Manager
          • Rich Text Editor
          • Resize
          • Profiler

      This release also includes many bug fixes and enhancements throughout many of the components.  A few highlights include:
      DataTable: This release includes enhancements to inline cell editing, fixed scrolling, pagination and sorting of dynamically driven DataTables.
      Editor: Support has been added for Undo/Redo along with updates to indent/outdent processing, text attribute handling, toolbar button support.
      TreeView:  The TreeView component has received a significant update that includes support for keyboard navigation, delegated event listeners, tree serialization/deserialization and other new features.  Many of the updates to this components in this release mark one of YUI's first development efforts with an external contributor, Satyam, who many of you will recognize from his numerous posts to this list.  Thank you, Satyam!
      Uploader: The YUI Uploader has been revised in order to be compatible with the security changes introduced with Flash 10.
      Accessibility:  Accessibility enhancements have been added to Carousel, Button, Menu, TabView, and Container.
      Bug Fixes:  We've addressed a significant number of bugs across a number of components in the 2.6.0 release.  This includes more than 280 Source Forge items filed by members of the community.  A summary list has been attached to this email.  Thanks to all for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, sample code to reproduce problems, and patch proposals.

      Please refer to the README files included with the components that you use in your development for the full details of the changes and bug fixes that were made, or to the README digest attached for a summary of all of the 2.6.0 changes.

      Thanks again to all of you who have been an active participant in the YUI community by posting to the developer forum or adding content to our Source Forge repositories.  It is your feedback that has helped the library to evolve to what we have today in YUI 2.6.0.  We look forward to your continued support in the future. YDN-javascript@yahoogroups.com is the preferred forum for general comments and questions.  If you find a bug, please log the details along with a page link or sample code in the YUI bug tracker on Source Forge

      Best regards,
      george puckett
      on behalf of the YUI development team: Adam Moore, Dav Glass, Eric Miraglia, Jenny Han Donnelly, Luke Smith, Matt Sweeney, Nate Koechley, Satyen Desai, Thomas Sha, and Todd Kloots; and contributers: Dwight "Tripp" Bridges, Julien Lecomte, Matt Mlinac, Allen Rabinovich,  Satyam,  Gopal Venkatesan, and Nicholas C. Zakas

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