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Announcing YUI 2.5.2

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  • georgiann puckett
    The YUI team has posted a new release today. YUI 2.5.2 is now available for download
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2008
      The YUI team has posted a new release today. YUI 2.5.2 is now available for download.

      The primary focus for this release is to provide better compatibility for FireFox 3RC1 and Opera 9.5 beta.  The 2.5.2 release also includes:

      Patch Integration: The patches for DataTable and Menu posted to developer site following the release of 2.5.1 have been incorporated into the build.
      Improved Adobe AIR Support: The Rich Text Editor and DataSource components of the library have been updated for better AIR support.
      Charts:  Updated to include support for dynamically created legends, and new chart and series styles.
      DataTable:  Bug fixes in pagination, scrolling, and column handling.
      Rich Text Editor: Fixes for several important bugs.
      Source Code Availability: ActionScript source code is now included for the Charts and Uploader components.
      Bug Fixes: Approximately 20 Source Forge bugs have been fixed in this release.  Please note, you will need to check the bug fix list provided to determine if your bug fix is included in this release.  There are several bugs currently marked as fixed in the Source Forge Bug repository that have been addressed, but are part of larger changes still in progress for the upcoming 2.6 release.

      The README files included with the components that you use in your development for the full details of the changes and bug fixes that were made, or to the README digest attached for a summary of all of the 2.5.2 changes.

      Thanks to all of you who have submitted feature requests, bug reports and patches following the 2.5.1 release.  We are reviewing all of these submissions as they are received and have many of them on our radar for YUI 2.6 and 3.0.  We greatly appreciate your participation in the continued enhancement of YUI and look forward to receiving your feedback. YDN-javascript@yahoogroups.com is the preferred forum for general comments and questions.  If you find a bug, please log the details along with a page link or sample code in the YUI bug tracker on Source Forge

      Best regards,
      george puckett
      on behalf of the YUI development team: Adam Moore, Dav Glass, Eric Miraglia, Jenny Han Donnelly, Luke Smith, Matt Sweeney, Nate Koechley, Satyen Desai, Thomas Sha, and Todd Kloots; and contributers: Julien Lecomte, Matt Mlinac, Allen Rabinovich, and Nicholas C. Zakas

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