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Re: [ydn-javascript] HTML tidy messing up grid structure

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  • Tom Cloyd
    ... David, Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I am validating against HTML strict, but WHAT I m validating is the initial code I get from YUI s Grids builder at
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2008
      Karr, David wrote:
      > Just a guess, but are you perhaps using the strict doctype? Did you
      > validate your HTML against the doctype to make sure you don't have any
      > violations? For instance, one possibility is that you have "div"
      > elements inside "p" elements, which violates the strict doctype. I
      > wonder if Tidy just "cleans it up" by removing those elements?
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      > I have just joined this List, and searched for posts re: this problem,
      > and have come up with zip, so here it is:
      > I'm only trying to set up a page using one of the YUI grids. After
      > having worked with several different arrangements, I've found that
      > some cannot stand up to Tidy. It strips out various "div" wrappers,
      > with no error being registered. I haven't yet found a pattern to it.
      > I'm running tidy from within the jEdit editor, and have good access to
      > the tidy configuration parameters, but nothing I've tried so far has
      > fixed the problem from that end of things. At this point I simple
      > don't dare tidy my pages - doing so breaks them, plain and simple.
      > This is clearly not good.
      > I'm hoping someone else has had and solved this problem.
      > Any ideas as to the source of the problem?


      Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I am validating against HTML strict, but
      WHAT I'm validating is the initial code I get from YUI's Grids builder
      at http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/grids/builder/, asking it to set up,
      for example, a 95% width page with a left and right sidebar. Before I do
      anything to it, I tidy it, and it breaks. This has happened with several
      - the majority - of the preconfigured grid setups I've downloaded from
      Yahoo and immediately run through Tidy. I'd think that maybe the problem
      was with jEdit's tidy set up, but I've used it with several XHTML
      website successfully for several years. And, as I said, when I looked at
      the configuration carefully, I didn't see anything which would account
      for the site-breaking. Tidy runs fine, and reports no errors, but
      removes a div - different ones with different page templates - and
      breaks the page.

      Have never seen this problem before, which is one reason I'm not making
      sense of it yet.

      Any more ideas anyone?



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