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Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: Vertical Dual Slider locking

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  • Aliaksei Feshchanka
    Luke, thanks for your example. I was trying to implement something like this: First, go to
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      Luke, thanks for your example. I was trying to implement something like this:
      First, go to
      and unselect "round" shape. You will notice that the cut slider will move it's upper thumb one position down.
      Thereafter, you will be able to move it within remaining range only. If you will select round shape again, it will restore it's normal state.
      It is done by changing internal starting position for the thumb; I think it is a bad practice and I'm afraid that it will mess up the internal state of the slider.

      P.S.  While dealing with vertical dual slider I've discovered that the width of the slider will affect  "minRange" property.
      In the example above, I'm using something like sl[0].minRange=-80;  I think it'a bug, because for vertical  slider the width of the slider should not affect minRange.

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      > Hi! I know that it is possible to lock/unlock slider thumb using
      > lock() method. However, I need to implement different functionality:
      > to be able to lock slider thumb for movement in specific direction.
      > For example, I would like to lock upper thumb in the middle of the
      > slider background and allow it's movement between the middle and the
      > bottom only.
      > Any ideas on how to do that ?

      Boy am I glad you asked!  While putting together this example page  for you, I found a few bugs.  They will be patched in an upcoming release, but the workarounds are provided in the example.

      Hope this helps,

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