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Re: Source for uploader.swf? The value for event["bytesLoaded"] is incorrect.

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  • j_s_shirley
    ... an FLA file; rather, it s an ... (you can also use Flash IDE; ... the src/as folder. ... and it appears to be ... link to an example ... Hi Allen, I m
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2008
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      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Allen Rabinovich"
      <allenrabinovich@...> wrote:
      > The source is available and included in the distribution. It's not
      an FLA file; rather, it's an
      > AS file that you can compile using the freely available Flex SDK
      (you can also use Flash IDE;
      > just set that AS file to be your Document Class). You'll find it in
      the src/as folder.
      > As for the bug -- I just checked the code and tested the uploader,
      and it appears to be
      > setting the correct value for bytesLoaded. Can you perhaps provide a
      link to an example
      > where this is happening?
      > Thanks,
      > Allen

      Hi Allen,

      I'm trying to debug another issue (you can see my post on it, also
      experiencing oddities in OSX on FF3b4) and searching for the source
      for uploader.swf

      It doesn't seem to be in the yui 2.5.1 build.

      Could you point me to a specific location, or perhaps a hosted version
      of the source I can use?

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