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Re: [ydn-javascript] Growing Menu IE Bug?

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  • Todd Kloots
    beatenbyrobots - The problem here is the Menu shadow. In order to provide shadow support for the Menu s default Sam skin, I had to manage the sizing of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2008
      "beatenbyrobots" -

      The problem here is the Menu shadow. In order to provide shadow support
      for the Menu's default "Sam" skin, I had to manage the sizing of the
      shadow through script. If you are creating your own custom skin and
      don't want your menus to have a shadow, then simply hide the shadow
      element via CSS. This will solve the IE 6 issue. Here is an example:


      If you DO want your custom skin to have a shadow, I have created a patch
      that corrects the shadow sizing error. Here is an example of how to use
      the patch:


      Of course, you'll still need to provide the necessary custom style
      definition for your shadow.

      - Todd

      beatenbyrobots wrote:
      > I think I may have found a bug, but I wanted to make sure that I'm not
      > missing something obvious before submitting a bug report. I've created
      > a simple test page to demonstrate the problem.
      > http://beatenbyrobots.com/demo/growing-menu-demo.html
      > <http://beatenbyrobots.com/demo/growing-menu-demo.html>
      > I have a menubar with a single item. This item has a menu with ten
      > items. I've tested this with Firefox (Mac & PC), Safari 3.1
      > (Mac & PC) and IE6. Everything works fine with the exception of IE6.
      > In IE6 the scrollbar shows up when the subnav appears even though
      > there really shouldn't be anything beyond what is visible in the
      > viewport. But most interestingly, each time the subnav appears, its
      > width increases. It just keeps growing and growing. However, if I
      > remove the following style, the problem goes away:
      > .yuimenuitemlabel {
      > display: block;
      > }
      > I've learned that in order for the problem to occur, the subnav has to
      > be long enough to force the seemingly unnecessary scrollbar to appear.
      > How long that is will, of course, vary depending on your local settings.
      > Any thoughts?
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