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IFRAME inside Panel

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  • jcar300tdi
    Hello, I m using a Panel to show a map s legend. Inside the panel, there s an IFRAME and its SRC attribute is set to a XML file (associated with a XSL
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2008

      I'm using a Panel to show a map's legend. Inside the panel, there's
      an IFRAME and its SRC attribute is set to a XML file (associated with
      a XSL template). Both files form the legend. See code below.

      If the legend overflows vertically, the IFRAME don't show the
      scrollbars. Any idea about this? Thanks in advance.

      Juan Carlos

      var ancho=290, alto=420;
      var top=$id('content').offsetTop
      var left=$id('sidebar').offsetLeft+document.body.offsetLeft/2;
      var panel = new YAHOO.widget.Panel("legend-panel", {width:ancho+'px',
      height:alto+'px', xy:[left,top], close: true, iframe: true});
      var html = '<iframe src="' + curCfg.legend + '" frameborder="0"
      width="'+ancho+'px" height="'+(alto-22)+'" style="background-
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