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From ydn-patterns - autocomplete behavior request

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  • billwaynescott
    Cross posting from ydn-patterns from a subscriber there.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2006
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      Cross posting from ydn-patterns from a subscriber there.

      --- In ydn-patterns@yahoogroups.com, "tlyczko" <tlyczko@...> wrote:
      > Access 2003 and VB.NET have a NotInList event which permits the
      > developer to write code for what will happen if the end user types
      > something that is not in the list...
      > Basically, the end user is offered the option of adding or not adding
      > the new item to the list, and if the end user says yes, the new item
      > is added to the list's underlying recordset, and the list value is
      > updated to the newly added item, otherwise the event is 'cancelled'
      > and the list reverts to some other value.
      > I am not an expert in JS, but this one lacking item (or way overpriced
      > commercial versions) prevented me from developing a web interface for
      > something that I am now developing in Access 2003.
      > Thank you, Tom
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