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Re: [ydn-javascript] formatting datatable edit button

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  • Satyam
    Look at: YAHOO.widget.DataTable.prototype.showCellEditorBtns in datatable-beta.js. The Ok button is assigned class: YAHOO.widget.DataTable.CLASS_DEFAULT
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2007
      Look at:   YAHOO.widget.DataTable.prototype.showCellEditorBtns  in datatable-beta.js.  The Ok button is assigned class:
      YAHOO.widget.DataTable.CLASS_DEFAULT  which defaults to "yui-dt-default".  You can either redefine "yui-dt-default" or make CLASS_DEFAULT point to a class of your own.  The OK text, though, is hardcoded and the Cancel button has no specific class. 
      The full selector for the Ok button as shown by Firebug is:
      .yui-dt-editor .yui-dt-button button.yui-dt-default
      I think you would probably need to use the full selector to override it, otherwise, the default might have higher priority unless you change CLASS_DEFAULT, then the default is irrelevant so that would be the best.  For the Cancel button, though, there is no class name you can change, you would have to override the style and the selector for that is:
      .yui-dt-editor .yui-dt-button button
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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] formatting datatable edit button

         does anyone know where in the various css files to change the edit button in the datatable that says "OK", i need to change the color from blue to match my site. I have been able to change everything else but can't seem to locate where this is. I have tried several alterations and can't find what it is called in the dom inspector, it doesn't show up in firebug.  anyway, if you know could you tell me ?  thanks.

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