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Re: [ydn-javascript] YAHOO.widget.Effects

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  • dav.glass@yahoo.com
    Mic - Put a new in front of YAHOO.widget.Effects, like this: new YAHOO.widget.Effects.BlindLeft( box-content , {bind: right }); Hope that helps :) Dav Dav
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6 7:06 PM
      Mic -

      Put a new in front of YAHOO.widget.Effects, like this:
      new YAHOO.widget.Effects.BlindLeft("box-content", {bind: 'right'});

      Hope that helps :)
      Dav Glass
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      I'm trying to load the new content to box with the widget above. But
      this should't work as I assumed ...

      function boxHandler( obj )
      // Use the response...
      YAHOO.widget. Effects.BlindLef t(YAHOO.util. Dom.get(" box-content" ).id,
      {bind: 'right'});
      YAHOO.util.Dom. get("box- content") .innerHTML = obj.responseText;
      YAHOO.util.Dom. addClass( 'bx-'+index, 'active');
      YAHOO.util.Dom. removeClass( 'bx-'+currBoxInd ex, 'active');
      YAHOO.box.cache. setData(' currBoxIndex' , index);

      var surl = './inc/news. php?boxIndex= '+index;
      YAHOO.util.Connect. asyncRequest( "GET", surl,
      success: boxHandler

      Thanks & Regards

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