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New YUI Plugin: YAHOO.util.Translator (Internationalization onDemand)

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  • Caridy PatiƱo Mayea
    Hello Everybody, As I announced the last week in a previous post, here is the new YUI Plugin for those who create multi-language applications and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2007
      Hello Everybody,

      As I announced the last week in a previous post, here is the new YUI
      Plugin for those who create multi-language applications and
      multi-language components.

      You can use this package to separate the language sentences from your
      javascript components, usually the solution is release different
      components for different languages, but this is painful for the
      maintaining process, and also is a problem to the community to
      collaborate with you in the creation of different language package for
      a component.

      New YUI plugin for internationalization onDemand, you will be able to
      translate all the "Language Sentences" in your JavaScript without
      duplicate your code for each interface, and also support switching
      between different languages on the fly.

      - Inline and Remote "language sentences" definition
      - Modules definition: you can group few language sentences in a module
      (each component or control will have a language package)
      - Remote language sentences (module) will be loaded using YUI
      Connection Manager and decoded using JSON
      - Switching language on the fly, the translator plugin will reload all
      the active modules using AJAX
      - Verification of the status of certain language module using
      "isReady" method.
      - String propotypal modification to support translation like this:
      alert ( 'MY_PHRASE'.translate() );
      - Encoding (autoconversion to UTF-8 for AJAX response), you can
      specify the original charset in the initialization process.
      - Custom Events definition for important moments during the loading
      process (onReady, onError, onNull).

      - PHP:PEAR:Translation2 integration (including an administration
      system for language modules).
      - Loading remote modules from another server (cross-domain)
      - Translation of multiples sentences in the same line.
      - Supplant mechanism using a simple template's system.

      Common component structure (example with 3 language modules):

      IMPORTANT NOTE: is the first BETA version, I need feedbacks and
      suggestions... ;-) and this plugin isn't included in the current
      version of the Bubbling Library. Will be in the next release at the
      end of july, but you can download it directly from here:

      Full Documentation:



      Caridy (caridy at gmail.com)
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