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Re: connection manager

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  • kmcoleoz
    Alex, ... limit to ... connections are ... for normal ... Good to know, thanks. ... you ll ... so a properly defined network stack controls these
    Message 1 of 5 , May 3, 2006

      > This relates specifically to HTTP 1.1 connections. IE bumps the
      limit to
      > 4 connections when dealing with HTTP 1.0 and Mozilla always has a
      > "soft" limit of 2 with a hard limit of 4 where 2 of the
      connections are
      > allocated to a pool of longer-running requests and 2 are
      for "normal"
      > request dispatch.

      Good to know, thanks.

      > Why? The network stack is going to manage this stuff better than
      > be able to

      so a properly defined network stack controls these limitations?

      > unless the goal is to be able to garuntee return order.

      not really, nut that could be a side benefit.

      > Writing this kind of abstraction on top of the async primitives is
      > straightforward in a language (like JS) that supports closures.
      > dojo.io.queueBind() is less than 50 lines.

      Thanks for the heads up on this, I will check it out.

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