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7970RE: [ydn-javascript] KeyListener problems

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  • Steven Peterson
    Dec 29, 2006
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      In your function, e does not represent an event, so using the Event utility against it will not work. KeyListener uses a CustomEvent, so the arguments are (type, args, obj), so you should look in the args array to get both the DOM event (the first arg) and the code for the key that was pressed (the second arg). When you pass your handler to the KeyListener, it is subscribed to the internal “keyEvent” CustomEvent, and all of the abstract differences between keyCode and charCode are handled under the hood.


      Steven Peterson

      Web Developer, Platform Engineering





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      I have an object containing the following code

      var kl2 = new YAHOO.util.KeyListener(document, {
      keys:[74,175,170,171,172,174,176] },
      fn:this.kp},correctScope:true } );

      //this.kp is a function within the object which calls
      kp : function(e){

      YAHOO.log('pressed: ' + $E.getCharCode(e));

      but the charCode is always 0. I'm stumped. 74 is a keypress for J.

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