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  • Ehsan Sadeghi
    Apr 2, 2006
      can anyone suggest a way to send IM from a web page?

      Blair Zajac <blair@...> wrote:

      Thanks for making YUI available.

      I'm working on using the code in my web app and have some initial comments.

      My web app is hosted on a removable drive and the user of the app inserts the
      drive and runs a launcher, which starts Apache and MySQL off the drive.

      The requests are:

      1) The launcher needs to keep track of the number of windows currently viewing
      the app so it knows when it's safe to shut down Apache and MySQL.

      In this case, I don't care about using a callback function and would like to set
      it to null, which seems like a reasonable thing to do, but
      handleTransactionResponse(), it assumes that the callback is not null.

      Could it check for a null callback?  Right now I'm passing in a do nothing
      function, which seems like a waste.

      2) On my window.unload event, I need to send off a XHR to the web app.  In this
      case, I would like a synchronous event and not an asynchronous event to make
      sure that the request is sent off before the window is closed.

      Could a syncRequest method be added.


      Blair Zajac, Ph.D.
      CTO, OrcaWare Technologies
      Subversion training, consulting and support

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