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7109Invoking a location.href redirect from a connection call

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  • Brandon
    Dec 2, 2006
      I think I might just be missing something simple here.

      I have a simple login dialog box, and my server-side page returns a
      "Success" or "Error" message (responseText) back into the dialog box.

      What I'd like to do is on a valid login, have it automatically change
      to a different page.

      I've tried:

      - including a <script>window.location.href='page2.html'</script> as
      - creating a function on the main page that is invoked from the

      using both window.location.href, top.location.href to no avail. (I get
      a "Permission denied to call method Location.toString" which I assume
      is the way the XMLHttpRequest is returned (i.e., no running scripts
      back through XMLHttpRequest).

      Any ideas?
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