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7104RE: [ydn-javascript] calendar addRender weirdness

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  • Steven Peterson
    Dec 1 4:30 PM

      You shouldn’t need to use the single apostrophes in your response string. Try:


      this.cal1.addRenderer(o.responseText, this.cal1.renderCellStyleHighlight1 );


      The dates should parse properly if you pass them in that way. If it still doesn’t work, please post an example of what your responseText looks like. You’ll want to make sure it has no line breaks.



      Steven Peterson

      Web Developer, Platform Engineering





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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] calendar addRender weirdness


      Hey guys, I'm doing a little remoting call that returns a string like this:


      to which I pass to the addRenderer like so:

      this.cal1.addRenderer( "'" + o.responseText + "'", this.cal1.renderCellStyleHighlight1 );

      But only the last date is being highlighted.... any ideas?

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