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6646Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: Container lies beneath Flash Object, not above

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  • DL
    Nov 16, 2006
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      On 16 Nov 2006 at 15:20, darklight3d wrote:

      > i had the same problem, got it to work with so.addParam("wmode",
      > "transparent"); and so.addParam("wmode", "opadque"); though. weird
      > that you didn't

      Thanks, but after posting in frum, I got it to work some time back by adding (as you suggest) ...

      so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

      and also writing the Flash content into a YUI container (in OverlayManager example), like so (note the id added and a custom css class per container).

      <div class="swfobject_container" id="swfobject_container">
      <div class="swfobject_hd" id="swfobject_hd">SWFObject header here</div>
      <div class="swfobject_bd" id="swfobject_bd">SWFObject body here</div>
      <div class="swfobject_ft" id="swfobject_ft">SWFObject footer here</div>

      This allows Flash SWFObjects to be written (optionally) into all hd, bd, and ft containers.

      But usually just the bd container is sufficient for Flash content, with HTML in hd and ft.

      Then all the standard YUI controls (including HTML overlaying Flash) can be applied to the SWFObject container(s).

      On the other hand, Flash toolbars can be rendered in hd, and ft containers, with HTML content in bd (in an embedded iframe).  Useful for "skinning" YUI panels with Flash content instead of *.gif background images.

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