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6147RE: [ydn-javascript] grid.css text-align

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  • Nate Koechley
    Oct 30, 2006
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      Hello vasanth_web,

      The base structure of a YUI Grids page is:

      <div id="doc"></div>

      As you noted, grids.css initially sets BODY {text-align:center}, a
      technique that centers #doc in the viewport for some browsers.
      Please note that the very next line in grids.css sets #doc
      {text-align:left;}, the default value. Therefore, no actual content
      on the page is text-aligned center.

      I understand your desire for BODY to be unaffected by YUI CSS.
      However the alternative would be an additional nested DIV to achieve
      viewport centering for all A-grade browsers. Because using the
      text-align property on BODY minimizes the markup required, and,
      importantly, because it is declared back to default (:left) in the
      very next node, I think we made the correct trade off.

      Thanks for expressing your opinion, and please let me know any other
      thoughts you have on the topic.


      Yahoo! Presentation Platform Engineering

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      Subject: [ydn-javascript] grid.css text-align

      I see that the grid.css has the following

      body {

      I feel the YUI should not be setting attributes for body tags...
      do you think???
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