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5411Re: [ydn-javascript] help! autocomplete is killing me :(

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  • Eric Miraglia
    Oct 3, 2006

      The answer to your specific question is that AutoComplete case sensitivity is controlled in the DataSource:

      myDataSource.queryMatchCase = true

      However, note that in a DS_XHR DataSource (like the one you're using) this property only controls the cache behavior; it's not likely that this is the root of your problem.  On the first retrieval of data for any string, DS_XHR will simply pass along the maximum allowed number of results as provided by the server.

      More likely, there is a problem with the server's response or with the schema for parsing it.  I doubt it's possible for the group to help diagnose this further without a url to your implementation.


      Note: In the code below, which is probably just pseudo code, there's a typo -- id is listed as celeb_id in the schema.

      Eric Miraglia
      Yahoo! Presentation Platform Engineering

      On Oct 2, 2006, at 12:26 AM, functionform wrote:

      a deadline is fast approaching, and I'm having some issues with
      autocomplete maybe someone can help resolve. i'm already to the
      point of desperation where i tell my partner i'll be late, so i can
      write my own.

      1. i'm using an TYPE_XML result set, but the ac doesn't say it has
      any response, so my popup doesn't show up. How can I make sure the
      core libraries are correctly parsing it?
      2. i'm using case insensitive/contains matching on the server side,
      how do i tell autocomplete ui to be case insensitive?

      any help is greatly appreciated.

      my datasource looks like this
      ['list.celeb', 'name', 'celeb_id']

      <name>Edward James Olmos</name>

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