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5324Re: Removing the dotted border around slider background when it has focus

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  • Jack Slocum
    Sep 29, 2006
      Mozilla, Opera and (maybe) Safari via CSS:
      -moz-outline: none; outline:0px none;

      IE is via an attribute on the element, hidefocus="true" or in script
      element.hideFocus = true;

      Jack Slocum
      Yahoo! UI - Beyond the Examples

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "Bart Gottschalk"
      <bartgottschalk@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone know how to remove the dotted border around the slider
      > background image when it has focus? The slider I'm implementing has
      > images that are integrated into it's surrounding content and the
      > dotted border looks very strange when it shows up as it surrounds only
      > a part of the visual image.
      > From the research I've done this appears to be controled by browser
      > configuration (res/html.css in Firefox) but I'm wondering if there is
      > a way to override this setting for a page?
      > Thanks,
      > Bart
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