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52336Re: [ydn-javascript] Get Editor from ASP.NET Code behind

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  • Dav Glass
    Jan 9, 2010

      I know nothing about ASP.net, but if you add the handleSubmit: true to the config then you can assess the msgpost POST variable like any other form value..


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      On Jan 8, 2010 4:23 PM, "n3sh0n" <neshon@...> wrote:


      Hi experts,

      I've created a YUI Editor with the following code taken from the Editor samples:

      <textarea name="msgpost" id="msgpost" cols="50" rows="10"> </textarea>

      var myEditor = new YAHOO.widget.Editor('msgpost' , {
      height: '300px',
      width: '522px',
      dompath: true, //Turns on the bar at the bottom
      animate: true


      My big question is how to access the value of the msgpost from code behind. I dont want to use the runat=server on the textarea control because my Yahoo Editor is created on the fly using javascript. what I'm looking is something like the following on the code behind:

      //this is on my code behind
      private void GetYahooValue()
      Yahoo_Namespace.Editor myEditor=Page.Findcontrol["msgpost"];
      string s=myEditor.value;

      Of course I dont have the Yahoo_Namespace and no dll to be referenced but the code must be somewhere on the page. Any thoughts?

      Hope its clear.

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