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52311Re: [ydn-javascript] getKey versus getField

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  • Christian Tiberg
    Jan 5, 2010
      Wow, that was some great info right there. I've been taking pains to get everything to the top level in my JSON responses, now I won't have to - thanks!

      Best regards,
       Christian Tiberg

      2010/1/4 Satyam <satyam@...>

      El 04/01/2010 18:09, Eric Cire escribió:


      I was wondering what the difference in the YUI DataTable API is between these 2 functions:
      1. oColumn.getKey()
      2. oColumn.getField()

      I did an alert of both of these and was getting the same strings returned.

      In the same API you can see that the column has properties field and key and this methods reflect that, more or less.  The properties of the Column are those you set via the columns definitions when you set the table description. 

      While all columns need to have a key value to identify themselves, and that key usually corresponds to the incoming field names in the DataSource.responseSchema.fields array, it doesn't need to be so.  The column can have a key value and you can use the field property to tell which field to use for that column. If you don't provide a field, DataTable will use key, which is what most people do. 

      If you are using a JSON data source and used dot notation to access deeply nested fields, your fieldnames are going to be very long, that is when you might want to think of using different field and key values so you can still keep key short.

      If you don't provide a value for the field property, it will remain null, however, the getField() method will then return the key value, that's why I said "more or less", because field might be null and getField will return, as in your case, the same value that getKey returns.


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