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52295Re: [ydn-javascript] DataTable Cell Editor for HTML-formatted data

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  • Brian McCullough
    Dec 29, 2009
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      On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 09:44:26PM +0100, Satyam wrote:
      > Are you including this file after including the DataTable source file?


      > Does BCE exist at all? Have you made it an alias of BaseCellEditor? I
      > say this because you are using the alias BCE in the extend but not in
      > the constructor.

      I used the set of shortcut variable definitions that were in CellEditor.js:

      var lang = YAHOO.lang,
      util = YAHOO.util,
      widget = YAHOO.widget,
      ua = YAHOO.env.ua,

      Dom = util.Dom,
      Ev = util.Event;

      var BCE = widget.BaseCellEditor;

      > If you are running it with the debugger to break on
      > all errors, lang.extend should have failed.

      Actually, it doesn't seem to be failing any more ( at least, not that way ). I have the DataTable displaying, the ToolTips are displaying, and the Cell Editor box is popping up, but it is definitely not the Rich Text Editor. I know that the constructor is getting called, because I can put a breakpoint in there and have it fire. Getting closer.

      > Also, run JSLint and make sure you don't have any more globals than you
      > should nor that you have any unused variables, that usually indicates
      > some misspelling and possibly a fatal typo.

      I had already run JSLint on the "rtecelleditor.js" file alone, with no errors.

      > Satyam

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