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52205Re: [ydn-javascript] Can we render a tree view with in datatable formatter?

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  • nagaraj
    Nov 26, 2009
    Thanks Satyam!
        it worked! ..but i ran into another problem :(  which is related to the Distortion of treeview (can find the screeshot(Distortion.JPG) as attachment)..

    1.The div in which i am displaying tree is getting displayed with borders.

    2.For the datatable i am using "rowClickEvent" to highlight the row where the user knows on which row he is currently in..in this case the tree nodes appears blank(seems white color is overwriting the nodes) we can see this for "S.No" 1  from the Distortion.JPG attachment..

    what are the possibilities for this sort of distortions.


    --- On Thu, 26/11/09, Satyam <satyam@...> wrote:

    From: Satyam <satyam@...>
    Subject: Re: [ydn-javascript] Can we render a tree view with in datatable formatter?
    To: ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com
    Date: Thursday, 26 November, 2009, 9:50 PM


    You are giving the tree the id of an element that doesn't yet exist so
    it can contain it, nor can the tree parse what you haven't placed in
    that element yet. First you have to fill the cell, then you may refer
    to its contents.


    nagaraj escribió:
    > Hi All,
    > I have a requirement in such a way that in need to show a simple treeview structure in datatable cell.
    > so for this i am trying to display it with in a formatter like this :
    > YAHOO.widget. DataTable. formattName= function( elCell, oRecord, oColumn, oData) {
    > var rowid=this.getTrInd ex(oRecord) ;
    > tree = new YAHOO.widget. TreeView( "treeDiv1- "+rowid);
    > tree.render( );
    > elCell.innerHTML= "<span id='treeDiv1- "+rowid+" '><ul><li> Nag<ul> <li>Test</li> </ul></li> </ul></span> ";
    > }
    > when i try to do like this its throwing js error on fire bug like this:
    > "this._el is null[Break on this error] } else if (Lang.trim(this. _el.innerHTML) ) { "
    > i belive this is because i am rendering the tree before the "treeDiv1-" element is drawn or instantiated. .
    > can any one give me an idea how to overcoming this..
    > Thanks!
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