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52037Creating my first YUI DataTable with .NET WebService.

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  • tato
    Nov 2, 2009
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      Today, I received a request to create a report showing the Laboratory
      Summary (count) by Test Name for the last n months for a give number of
      Lab Test Names.

      The user must be able to provide the Period (last n months) and the list
      of Test Names to show the count of such tests.

      I have already developed the SQL Server Stored Procedure, and I am about
      to develop the .NET Web Service, XML, JSON or REST Interface which will
      be consumed by YUI DataSource.

      The DataTable need to be simple for the first version. I expect for the
      next version, they want to get a drill-down feature to list the name of
      staff who requested a given test by clicking on the row on the

      I am not exactly sure how to proceed forward, should I use XML, JSON, or
      Web Service.

      I can implement this requirement very quickly using SQL Reporting
      Services, but kind interested in developing it using YUI, but still not
      quite sure what is the added value, when compared with SQL Reporting

      Appreciate your feedback on this.