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52008Re: Expandable DataTable unsortable?

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  • Christian Tiberg
    Oct 30, 2009
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      The line below

          YAHOO.widget.DataTable.superclass.initAttributes.call( this, oConfigs );

      tries to do something nice, i.e. call the inherited method to init attributes. But the whole code is setup *WITHOUT* inheritance, so it falls flat on it's face. Check this space later, and I just might have a treat for you :)

      Best regards,
       Christian Tiberg

      2009/10/30 Christian Tiberg <ctiberg@...>
      Hello everyone, but maybe Satyam in particular :)

      We're adapting the example at http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/datatable/dt_rowexp_basic.html to our needs, which unfortunately is a little more complex than what's shown in the example.

      Our table is sortable, and that shows up correctly in that there's a hand at the column titles. But the table stubbornly refuses to display or react to sorting, despite being setup show sorting on load. Removing the link to the expandable talbe (in a separate JS file) remedies the issue, but also removes the feature of expansion.

      Any help? Our page is at http://commsoft.nu/demo/ktb/avgangar.php and we need help bad :)

      Best regards,
       Christian Tiberg

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