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51825Problem submitting a Yui Datatable data

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  • vino_gallantguy
    Oct 3, 2009
      Hi Members,

      I have been working with yui for few months now. But am new to this group. A very road block in my dev work with yui datatable forced me into this group. Now straight to my issue.

      I have a datatable with inline editors.Datasource - Local - HTML Table.

      SCENARIO :

      A YUI DATATABLE - with multiple rows with inline editors for each column. The user can edit any or all rows.

      Now ,I want to submit all edited rows at one shot and not per each cell save.

      1) What is the best way to get this done ?

      2) Is there a means (Direct or indirect) by which I can force the edited data from the datatable back into the datasource (htmltable)
      (If this can be done, my work is done)

      3) Is there a means by to fetch all data from the datatable at one shot

      4) Is yui datatable - spring integration possible

      Say, when I say submit , I should be able to fetch all info from the datatable in my controller.

      5) Is there any other means by which ppl have ahcieved such a scenario.

      Help is very much appreciated.
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