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51808tooltip x coordinate does not seem to be acknowleged

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  • shantek81
    Sep 30, 2009
      i am using 2.7, my tooltip (the message is fine) is displaying on the far left of the page each time i select an icon within my datatable. even when i hardcode an x value it still displays on the left side. the y coordinate appears to be fine. it lines up with the positioning of the icon but just on the left side of the page. any suggestions? or what am i doing wrong?

      i followed this example exactly minus the "timer code":

      problem seems to be within:
      var xy = [parseInt(oArgs.event.clientX,10) + 10 ,parseInt(oArgs.event.clientY,10) + 10 ];

      i do get what may be the correct positioning values when i just display the values of xy

      have this same problem even when i use the example:
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