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51519Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: YUI Charts Patching

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  • Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes
    Sep 6, 2009
      ExtJS doesn't use *any* of YUI's js code. They do it by wraping their own swfobject copy and instatialize the yui charts.swf file directly, passing all the styles, settings and series directly.

      On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 00:48, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes <alexmipego@...> wrote:
      I've been testing almost each commit you've done and I finally managed to get the problem. In this commit (http://github.com/yui/yui2/commit/8d273b56771486c316390b7e2971611d4185e144) you've done the following changes at the YUIAdapter.as file:

      -      this.elementID = this.loaderInfo.parameters.elementID;
      -      this.javaScriptEventHandler = this.loaderInfo.parameters.eventHandler;
      +      this.elementID = this.loaderInfo.parameters.YUISwfId;
      +      this.javaScriptEventHandler = this.loaderInfo.parameters.YUIBridgeCallback;

      I don't know about the rest of code and I'm sure this change makes sense. But, YUI open source  and is used by other libs (at the very least ExtJs) I believe such a change will cause a lot of problems when you release 2.8.0 (which due to the last commits done seems very close). Not only will it break those libraries as it will make backward compability a little harder.

      Right now it seems I've managed to fix things and patched ExtJs accordingly, but still, its a pitty to require ppl to update their libs for a simple naming convention.

      On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 00:06, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes <alexmipego@...> wrote:
      Ok I found out that I needed to include swf-min.js now. It worked nicely, except that ExtJs chart's wraping isn't working. Afaik ExtJs, uses the swf directly and not the whole yui stack, and from what I can discover, it seems the swfReady event isn't firing. Do you know of any changes that could have created this problem?

      On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 22:52, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes <alexmipego@...> wrote:
      I've managed to apply your tips sucessfully and build the head without the need to patch anything. Still, I can't see anything when I run my code, the flash area is there alright but nothing is drawn which is the same thing that was happening to me before. I discored that when I installed Flash CS3 it overwrote my browser's plugins to the version 9, I managed to counter that by reinstalling flash 10 from adobe's site but still I can't see anything in the charts area. Please advise :)

      On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 21:20, Dwight Bridges <trippb@...> wrote:

      YUI Charts uses the CS3 component architecture so you will need to have a flash installation to have the library. The updates to YUI involve flash player 10 updates to actionscript and are not specific to the CS architecture. As long as you have an updated (fp10) flex sdk, you should be fine with either flash version. (CS3 or CS4) I actually have both on my box but I am pointing to CS3 for my builds.


      On 9/6/09 1:05 PM, "Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes" <alexmipego@...> wrote:



      Nice, 2 quick question though:

      In build.properties I've something like:

      #flexbin: you will need to change the source of this property to match the location of the flex bin directory on your machine

      #flashbin: you will need to change the source of this property to match the location of your Adobe Flash CS3 files
      flashbin=C:/Programas/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS3

      In order to build the HEAD revisions (after doing that flex config changes) will I need Flash CS3 or Flash CS4 installed? Is there anyway not to have Flash installed at all? That would be wonderful!


      On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 20:35, Dwight Bridges <trippb@...> wrote:
      Hi Alexandre,
      YUI Charts has added flash player 10 functionality. (charts is still compatible in 9, just not the additional functionality) In order to compile, you will need update your flex-config.xml (located in the frameworks directory of your flex sdk) file to compile in 10.  The nodes you need to change are listed below.



          <!-- keep the original location in the libpath for backwards-compatibility -->

      Making the above changes should take care of the issue and you should be able to compile on any os.

      This information can be found here for reference:

      Information on contributing to yui is contained here:

      Please post back with any more questions or issues.


      On 9/6/09 11:45 AM, "Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes" <alexmipego@... <http://alexmipego@...> > wrote:

      I've created a page on my website to show & explain my intentions. I've also setup a git fork to store my work and share it. Please take a look and share your opinions.


      On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 08:16, Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes <alexmipego@... <http://alexmipego@...> > wrote:

      I've been trying to implement some features into YUI charts and I've had a really long and painful trip starting with getting the charts to build! I tried on a OS X machine with CS4 without success and following the tips on the build.properties I assumed CS3 was required for it. After installing Flash CS3 (now on a windows machine) I found out that the build failed on account of FileReference.Save not existing (according to my findings, thats exclusive to Flash 10 and, I guess, thats CS4 only...). Anyway, building the HEAD revision after commenting the 2 calls to that method was successful but I'm afraid I couldnt see the charts on any existing or new test page... dunno why. I found out how to revert to the 2.7.0 tag on git (I'm a svn kind of guy :)) and it worked flawlessly.

      What I wanted was some help from you on  what do I need to setup to be able to build and run the HEAD version (any OS is fine by me). Also, I implemented a cubic bezier function and added a new style option to the LineSeries to make the lines smoother (I must admit though that sometimes, depending on the data, the result isn't always best). If you are interrested in porting the changes to the HEAD revision (it isn't that much code) it would be nice. I would like to know any problems on the code or pratices submiting patches to YUI because I'm used to contribute to open source projects but I'm new to ActionScript.


      Alexandre Gomes

      Alexandre Gomes

      Alexandre Gomes

      Alexandre Gomes
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