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5088RE: [ydn-javascript] Fonts Question - Display is 9/10px instead of 13px

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  • Nate Koechley
    Sep 21, 2006

      Hi Paul,


      I believe you’re measuring the “x-height” (or perhaps the “ascent”) instead of the overall “size” which should include ascenders and descenders. The illustration on this Wikipedia page may help clarify these terms:



      When you include the ascenders and descenders in addition to the x-height, the size of the default font rendered by YUI’s CSS Fonts is 13px, as you can see in this screenshot:



      I hope that helps.





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      I've searched the group and haven't found anyone else asking about
      this so here goes. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fonts and
      reset parts of YUI, eventually to use them with grids and maybe more.

      This is the example page for fonts.css:

      http://developer. yahoo.com/ yui/examples/ fonts/default. html

      I believe that page is supposed to show the default when using
      fonts.css. According to the documentation, it should display as 13px
      for the text size. Using screen rulers, I measure it at 10px
      (MacSafari/Mozilla) or 11px (WinIE6).

      So, my basic question is whether I'm doing something wrong or whether
      there is something wrong with the documentation.

      I noticed that with grids.css, the default font size is still 10px,
      but the 13px=1em -> 750px width works correctly.

      Thanks for any help you can offer.


      Paul Burney

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