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5map api conflict with protoype/script.aculo.us

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  • brectable
    Jan 21, 2006
      I am trying to use the map ajax api and code from script.aculo.us,
      which uses the protoype Javascript framework
      (http://prototype.conio.net/), on the same page. When the page loads I
      get this error:

      Error: nm.calculatePosition is not a function
      Source File: http://api.maps.yahoo.com/v2.0/aj/ymapapi.js
      Line: 866

      The result is that the map is not draggable and may have other
      probelms - I have not tested all functionality. Has any body else seen

      The problem can be seen by simply including the prototype library in
      the map api hello world example:

      <script src="/path/to/prototype.js"