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49200Re: [ydn-javascript] Re: Layout Manager (2.7) doesn't render on IE 6 and 7

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  • manjunath patil
    Jun 1, 2009
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      hi please tell me how to change the color of layout manager units

      On 5/28/09, greglgerg <gregslyon@...> wrote:

      Dav, thanks for the quick reply.

      I was afraid it'd be something like that, but got thrown by it rendering in all of the other browsers. I was hoping against hope that when pulling an element into layout it also changed that element's type. I see now (via firebug) that I was incorrect in that hope.

      I'm attempting to put a facelift on a quite-involved site (It's a Moodle in case anybody is interested) that makes extensive use of tables for layout. I will play with using the YUI copy the content of the target <td>s to <div>s and delete the <table>.

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Dav Glass <davglass@...> wrote:
      > That is not a limitation in Layout Manager, you are trying to do
      > something that will result in invalid HTML markup.
      > Layout Manager needs to work on free flowing independent elements.
      > Usually DIV's. It will wrap each unit in order to position
      > it and allow for the resize and scrolling.
      > What you are telling it to do, is build markup like this:
      > <table>
      > <tr>
      > <div><div><td></td></div></div>
      > <div><div><td></td></div></div>
      > <div><div><td></td></div></div>
      > </tr>
      > </table>
      > Which is invalid markup and will not work. IE will definitely not work, FF and
      > Safari may appear to work, but they will cause problems later.
      > Your best bet, is to remove the TABLE and make the TD's into DIV's.
      > Does that make sense?
      > Dav

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