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46924Re: Patch for YUI treeview to add editComplete event

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  • malutanpetronel
    Mar 26, 2009
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      Hi Steve

      I was looking at this post and I;ve thiught you posted a patch but looks I have no access to it ! I want to be able to save the node label and I've thought I would be able to use something similar with what i use for datatable:

      tree.subscribe("dblClickEvent", tree.onEventEditNode);
      tree.subscribe("editorSaveEvent", myNodeNameSave);
      var myNodeNameSave = function(oArgs) {

      but the alert never comes up ! eeditor is showing ! i presss save and than I suppose i should arrive to that alert but no ! can you send me th4 patch ! (hope will help me)

      With kind regards

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