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45872Re: [ydn-javascript] Dialog cloning - performance boost

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  • Yunfei Wu
    Mar 3, 2009
      Showing simultaneously is the killing part of your description, afa i know Dialog have a focus first element method fire when it render or show or get content refreshed, so it kind of meant to be stay alone on the page. my suggestion is to associate everything which are not going to show at the same time with a Dialog, and then use overlay manager to manger those Dialogs.

      From: tasos.bekos <tasos.bekos@...>
      To: ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 12:19:46 AM
      Subject: [ydn-javascript] Dialog cloning - performance boost


      i have a Dialog created with javascript. Once the Dialog is created i
      attach some event listeners and autocompletes to some of it's elements.

      For the purposes of my application, the same Dialog must be created
      over and over again each with different id, and some of them shown
      simultaneously on screen.

      For performance reasons is there a way to clone that first Dialog and
      it's structure (event listeners, autocompletes, callback handlers etc)
      instead of running through the same process every time i need to
      create a new one.

      Data on each Dialog are also different, but they are filled in form
      after it's creation, so that's not a problem.

      Sorry for my english :)
      Hope i was understandable. ..

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