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45843Re: YUI PieChart Onmouseover display Information

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  • tripp.bridges
    Mar 2, 2009
      Hi Mayank,
      I am not sure that I understand your question. The Pie Chart will only
      show individual values as a percentage of the total. The only data
      available from the chart to your datatip function is the category and
      data field. If you need to add more data to on your mouseover, you
      would need to handle it outside of the chart. Perhaps, you could map
      each category to an object that would contain the additional data that
      you need. If I am misunderstanding your question, please clarify. Also
      send a test link or your full code for the chart so I can better

      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Mayank Desai <mayank.desai@...>
      > Hello,
      > I am using YUI chart in my application, and in the pie chart
      > onmouseover I am able to display name,count and percenate.Now i want to
      > display one more field (like Active names and count ie:
      > ) too.
      > Code which i am using for piechart is shown below.Pls give me a
      solution for
      > this.
      > opinionData.responseSchema = { fields: [ "Name", "Count","ID" ] };
      > var mychart = new YAHOO.widget.PieChart( "ChartPie", opinionData,
      > {
      > dataField: "Count",
      > categoryField: "Name",
      > series: [{}],
      > expressInstall: "../yui/examples/charts/assets/expressinstall.swf"
      > });
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