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4544Re: Container lies beneath Flash Object, not above

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    Sep 3, 2006
      Thanks for the tips ..

      I do not use the Macromedia default method for embedding Flash ..

      I prefer to use SWFObject.js for all my Flash apps .. SWFObject in
      fact renders into a div container with its own CSS.

      This 3rd party embed script is also endorsed by Adobe.com.



      But, following your tip I did add the optional SWFObject parameter ..

      so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

      .. this did not yield results.
      Overlay container is still hidden behind Flash object.

      I tried forcing the z-index for the Flash div to z-index = -1:

      This worked in IE browser (the yui container was now above the Flash
      object) , but did not work in Firefox 1.5 (in fact no Flash Object
      was visible).

      I changed the z-index to 0 instead of -1 and this brought back the
      Flash object into view in both browsers but with the yui container
      still behind the flash object in both IE and Firefox 1.5.

      So it appears that Firefox does not accept negative z-index?

      The plus side of this story is that I now have a conventional iframe
      overlaying the Flash object (after your suggested changes in wmode
      and z-index).


      I tried yui Overlay to achieve this, but having now played with yui
      I would like to get the the bottom of why it does not work in IE and

      Where is the z-index set in the CSS files? container.css or

      i.e. your point .. "make sure that <div> has a lower z-index then
      your overlay" .. where/how is z-index of overlay container set?

      I tried changing .panel class .. z-index: 2: but that did not


      Also back to my second question .. how to dynamically set other
      container properties such as x, y?
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