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44833Re: retrieving pagination state within doBeforeCallBack???

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  • Lucas Smith
    Feb 6, 2009
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      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, "jonathanx37" <jonathanx37@...>
      > When I change rowsPerPage from the site, myPaginator.get() retrieves
      > the previous one.
      > How do I get the current one (the one I just switched too)?

      Changes to the Paginator's state are condensed into an object and
      emitted via the changeRequest event. That proposed state is
      immediately forgotten by the Paginator. It is up to the code that
      manages the content that is being paged to confirm the proposed state
      and apply it back to the Paginator instance via setState.

      If you want to know what state changes have been *requested*
      (including rowsPerPage), subscribe to the Paginator's changeRequest
      event. Keep in mind, though that this state data may be ignored or
      altered by the content manager before being applied back to the
      Paginator instance.

      Until the content manager confirms and applies the requested state
      back to the Paginator, it is not the current state. If you want to
      know when the instance's current rowsPerPage is updated (after the
      content manager updates the state), subscribe to the rowsPerPageChange

      Hope this helps,
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