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438Re: [ydn-javascript] how to persist layout after drag and drop?

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  • Eric Ceres
    Mar 8, 2006

      You need to set cookies or store the data in a database.  Then read the cookie/database next time the page is requested and reposition the windows based on this information.  This is more a question of website development/persitence than UI interface.

      - Eric Ceres

      azhali83 <azh_ali@...> wrote:
      Hi ;
      I have a question which i hope will be answer here. I have made a page
      in which i have provided drag and drop of div elements just like
      www.google.com/ig ..But what i have failed to do is how to persist a
      for example if i change layout and swap two elements then i would like
      to see them there when i again open the page from same machine.

      Please provide me with a solution . I will be grateful to you.


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