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43100YUI Layout & tinyMCE

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  • puff01824
    Jan 1, 2009
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      I'm having some difficulty using tinyMCE within a YUI layout. The
      issue appears to be that tinyMCE.init and YUI layout don't get along.
      Either alone works fine but when used together the tinyMCE textarea
      control is NOT under control of tinyMCE as it should be.

      A bit or experimentation shows that if I wait until the page is
      displayed and then do a tinyMCE.init in a function attached to a
      button all appears well. However, I need this to happen automatically.

      I've tried invoking tinyMCE.init inside layout.on('render' ... but no
      joy, this just hangs FF. IE 6 is even more broken.

      Does anyone have any experience with using tinyMCE inside a Layout
      control? How do you initialize tinyMCE?

      Thanks for any clues.