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43075Re: [ydn-javascript] Styling Text in TreeView

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  • Satyam
    Dec 31, 2008
      User cjavajim is correct, the HTML parser does not read the classNames
      from the original markup. The tree is completely recreated, nothing of
      the original remains except for the bits explicitly read by the parser
      and recreated in the TreeView, classNames are not one of them.

      The best way to deal with styling issues is to use a Dom inspector a
      cjavajim well says. If you have Firebug over Firefox, you simply open
      Firebug, click on the Inspect tab and click on the element you want to
      style. Firebug will show you the current style plus all those that had
      been overridden by other declarations so it also gives you an idea of
      the full hierarchy of styles. You can also go up the HTML element
      hierarchy and see the styles and classNames of container elements.

      In your case, I see that classNames "assoc" and "cust" are at different
      levels in the hierarchy. The TreeView assigns a className
      "ygtvdepthNNN" to one of the elements that contain the text, where NNN
      is the level of the tree so you would have all nodes at the same level
      styled at once with a single declaration.


      cklester wrote:
      > I'm trying to add color and background-color styling to a treeview
      > list and it's not working as I expect.
      > The following does not work:
      > <!-- this is in the header of course-->
      > <style type="text/css">
      > #network_view ul li.assoc {color:blue;background-color:yellow;}
      > #network_view ul li.cust {color:green;}
      > </style>
      > <!-- somewhere in the body-->
      > <div class="yui-skin-sam">
      > <div id="network_view">
      > <ul>
      > <li class="assoc">Dangerously, Johnny
      > <ul>
      > <li class="cust">Doyle, Carmen
      > <ul>
      > </ul>
      > </div>
      > </div>
      > How can I style those two <li> tags?
      > I even tried something like this:
      > <li><span style="color:green;">Dangerously, Johnny</span>
      > but that didn't work either.
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