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41816Autocomplete with yui loader query doesn't work as expected

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  • pieterjandelaere
    Dec 2, 2008

      I have an autocomplete page which looks up countries using an XHR
      datasource. So when I start typing in the autocomplete field it suggests
      countries as expected (starting from one character on); (eg "Bel" ->
      "Belgium, Belarus, ...")
      When I blank out the field and type something else (eg "Por" ->
      "Portugal, ...") the result is also as expected and got from the server
      once I type at least one character.
      So it seems everything works well.
      But this is done with manually including the necessary YUI files.
      When I do the same, but this time I load the necessary YUI files using
      the YUI loader the following happens:
      Everything works well for the first entry in the field. So this means
      that the first query to the server is done and answers as expected, but
      when I blank the field and type something new this second query is not
      send to the server (so using firebug I can see that no request has been
      sent) and hence no results are shown. When I type the same query again
      then I do get results. So the caching and triggering seems to work the
      first time and if we keep searching in the result cache. Once a new
      query must be done it fails to do so

      any idea why when using the YUI loader it fails and when we manually
      include the YUI files all is well (with otherwise the same code)?

      regards, PJ
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