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41746Re: [ydn-javascript] Parallel Downloads

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  • Eric Miraglia
    Dec 1, 2008
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      We've collected all our wisdom on this on http://developer.yahoo.com/performance .  There is no exact answer to your question...but the performance rules we've distilled provide you the framework we use in making these decisions.

      It is almost always going to be true that serving YUI files combo-handled from Yahoo's servers or individually from Google's servers will be faster than serving them from your servers, although JS files, regardless of their domain, do block.  But Google and Yahoo have extensive server infrastructures with edge hosting throughout the world.  It's unlikely that your own hosting provider can match the performance of these high end systems.

      One of the reasons to load images from a separate domain is that your images.example.com subdomain is probably uncookied; whereas your user's cookies are being transmitted with every image request on your main domain, they are not transmitted to a subdomain if you've set them up correctly.  Also, the 2x2 rule in older browsers is addressed by using this approach.


      On Nov 29, 2008, at 12:47 PM, dev.sebastian wrote:

      I came across this post
      http://yuiblog. com/blog/ 2007/04/11/ performance- research- part-4/
      and I am not sure if I am right.

      If I would load some parts of my site - like my images - from another
      domain, I can increase parallel downloads and so the time for all
      downloads falls?

      Lets say I will load my images not like "/images/file. png" but like
      "http://images. example.com/ file.png". Is it faster?
      Isn't the time looking which server/IP the domain has more "expensive"?

      In this case: I though it is faster to load the YUI! files from my
      server. But maybe it is faster to load it from Yahoo's server because
      the browser can download two css files and my scripts (from my server)


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