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41722Re: gears or yui?

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  • Michael Hasenstein
    Dec 1, 2008
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      --- In ydn-javascript@yahoogroups.com, Kelvin <kelvin.internet@...> wrote:
      > duh... ok... so gears is a plugin...
      > so how about this question then... how does YUI rate compared to
      what is out
      > there in its category?
      > thanks and ya... i'm just learning my way around the web again -
      > to say the least... !!
      > Kelvin

      To briefly summarize my opinion and what others write in response to
      similar questions, here's my recommendation:
      - JQuery for (small) in-page stuff and maybe small apps.
      - YUI for "real" apps. "real" means "real applications", like those
      you'd write in C++ for the desktop.
      - Ignore everything else. Maybe GWT deserves a look because of its
      different concept, and ExtJS (but I only looked at the demos and
      haven't tried actually programming it, and looking at higher level
      issues (like maintenance - their code as well as yours based on it).

      How I decided when I was in your situation: I found Douglas
      Crockford's videos (http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/theater/) and
      decided that I didn't even need to look at YUI itself - if that guy's
      Yahoo's chief JS architect I'd use whatever Yahoo would have come up
      with. I trust people more than technology :-) (the latter changes -
      depending on what their creators do) I have not been disappointed, and
      looking at YUI 3 there are some very interesting designs for solving
      real-world app writing - and deployment! - problems.

      For me, the core part of the decision is the underlying coding
      philosophy, not the widgets.
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